March 15

The Glass Knife

The Story Behind Our Name

Why The Glass Knife? Well, since our recipes and passion for baking both originate from a genuine, family-inspired place – it only makes sense that our name does, too. The story goes back all the way to late 20s and early 30s. Otherwise known as the Depression Era. During this time, glass knives became the envy of baking enthusiasts across America. Because, aside from their beautiful appearances, glass knives were perfect for slicing cakes since they didn’t tarnish and pass on a tainted flavor like the metal knives of this period.

Our founder Steve Brown’s mother, Jacque (pronounced Jak-kee) developed a passion for collecting these gorgeous but useful Depression Era glass knives. Eventually leading Jacque and her friend Jayne to found a Depression Era glass collectors club, which still exists today. Ever driven by her passions, Jacque was always searching for another glass cake knife to add to her collection. As the years passed, these special, delicate knives were handed down through the family and today their iridescent beauty and performance as perfect cake-slicing instruments serve as the inspiration behind our name. Simple, beautiful, rooted in story, family and tradition. The Glass Knife.

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