The Glass Knife is more than cakes and a café. It’s a tradition and spirit borne by a golden era. Inspired by a loving mother and hobbyist baker whose talents transformed her baking into a true creative profession. Fostered through a collection of family and friends. Irreplaceable tales of togetherness and the communal magic of baking.

These stories, personalities and time-tested recipes live on here. They are in our mixers, our ovens, in your homes and there for life’s greatest moments. Because to our family, baking was a metaphor for togetherness and celebration. It was the syrup that helped us stick together. The icing on the cake of friendship. And each recipe was a life lesson. This passion still thrives here today. It is the sole inspiration. And the foundation of excellence promised upon every visit.

So please. Relax. Smile. Get a slice of cake. A coffee. Come sit a spell. With friends. Or meet new ones here. Stay as long as you like. Your company is what makes ours.

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