September 14

The Glass Knife Classic Cakes

Timeless Favorites Re-Imagined

Sometimes you just need cake. For us, it is always the answer no matter the question.

Today, we are excited to announce the complete lineup of our Classic Cakes, the time-honored recipes that feature a unique variation from Chef Stuart and that will be found upon every visit to The Glass Knife.  With careful attention to detail both inside and out, each is made with the finest quality ingredients and finished with a unique, golden touch.

Strawberry: Strawberry-infused cake layered with house-made jam, filled with strawberry Italian buttercream and topped with our own house-made strawberry icing, fresh strawberries, a dusting of rose gold luster and our signature chocolate curl.

Carrot: Wonderfully spiced carrot cake layered with house-made pineapple jam, rich cream cheese icing, then finished with a wisp of our own house-made buttercream and embellished with a crescent of vibrant flowers and edible 23-karat gold flakes.

Chocolate Chocolate: Incredibly moist layers of rich chocolate cake, filled with our own  house-made chocolate buttercream and luscious chocolate ganache, enveloped in a sleek chocolate sugar wrap accented with golden bands and pearls.

Coconut Cream:  Classic white cake infused with cream of coconut, filled with layers of coconut custard and macaroon cream, then topped with our own house-made buttercream and lustered confetti coconut, trimmed with gold-leafed meringue kisses, French macaron and our signature chocolate curl.

Vanilla Vanilla: Layers of rich yellow cake filled and topped with our own house-made buttercream and whimsically finished with a medley of rock candy, novelty sprinkles and edible 23-karat gold flakes.

Southern Red Velvet: Vibrant red, cocoa-infused cake layered with delectable cheesecake and rich cream cheese icing, then topped with our own house-made buttercream and garnished with a swirl of gilded sprinkles and edible 23-karat gold flakes.

And, of course, beautiful desserts deserve presentation equally as beautiful. We are proud to showcase our cakes on elegant stands from Ohio’s Mosser Glass. This “Made in the USA” glassware blends new designs with timeless classics that have graced kitchens across America for decades and provide the perfect stage for our Classic Cake collection.

Our handcrafted cakes make any moment joyful. But you don’t need to wait for a special celebration to enjoy one.  Whether enjoying a slice while catching up with a friend over an afternoon cup of coffee, or as the finishing touch to a family meal, we hope these distinctive cakes make those moments even more cherished.

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