The Glass Knife is more than cakes and a café. It’s a tradition and spirit borne by a golden era.

Inspired by a loving mother and hobbyist baker whose talents transformed her culinary passion into a creative profession. Fostered through a collection of family and friends. Irreplaceable tales of togetherness and the communal magic of baking. This passion still thrives here today. It is the sole inspiration. And the foundation of excellence promised upon every visit. So please. Relax. Smile. Get a slice of cake. A coffee. Come in and sit a spell. With friends. Or meet new ones here. Stay as long as you like.
Your company is what makes ours.


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Meet Our General Manager

Growing up in the South, General Manager Brian Cannon learned to live by the saying, ‘there are no strangers, just … Continue reading

Introducing: Southern Red Velvet

Red velvet has always been one of our favorites so it was only natural that our special twist on this … Continue reading

Celebrating Mom

The Glass Knife is a project my mom would have loved.  I have often said, she was the original Martha … Continue reading

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