Celebrating Mom

From our Founder, Steve Brown

The Glass Knife is a project my mom would have loved.  I have often said, she was the original Martha Stewart. Whether it be baking, cooking, gardening, painting, crafting, collecting or sewing, my sister, brother and I learned so much from her. Regardless of what she set her mind to, it was always done with love and to perfection.

She inherited her dad’s green thumb, growing beautiful roses that she loved to share with friends.   From her mother, Freda, she learned to sew – eventually making dresses for my sister, Sharon, with the precision of a fine seamstress.   When my brother Lex returned home with various critters from his hunting or fishing expeditions, she could always turn them into dinnertime delicacies.

Based on her love for collecting Depression Era glass, she and her friend, Jayne, started a club so they could share their passion with others.  Alongside a wedding cake she was making for a jubilant bride, Mom always made our birthday cakes.   She made the cakes for all the family weddings – including this groom’s cake pictured here for our cousin Lowell.

The Glass Knife is centered on things Mom loved: cakes, collecting, gardening but most of all friends and family. So on this Mother’s Day, I celebrate Mom and look forward to bringing The Glass Knife to life.

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