Introducing: Southern Red Velvet

The First In Our Classic Cakes Line

Red velvet has always been one of our favorites so it was only natural that our special twist on this nostalgic dessert would be the first item we share from The Glass Knife cake lineup!  Often found at family functions, our special recipe was originally shared by a Sunday school teacher and passed down through the years.

At The Glass Knife, this time-honored recipe will now feature a unique variation from Chef Stuart.  The vibrant, cocoa-infused cake will be layered with delectable cheesecake and rich cream cheese icing, then topped with vanilla buttercream and garnished with a whimsical design of gilded sprinkles and edible 23 karat gold flakes.

Sure, we love it, but have you ever wondered, “where did red velvet cake come from?” Interestingly, red velvet was not born red. The term “velvet” was a reference to the smooth texture of fine cake crumb and the scarlet hue was much more subtle – a result of how vinegar, cocoa, and buttermilk reacted together and, in some cases, the use of beets in the recipe.

The vibrant color that seems so important today is the result of a clever marketing ploy from a food coloring manufacturer, The Adams Extract Company. To combat slowing sales during The Great Depression and to encourage consumers to find new uses for food dyes, The Adams Extract Company advertised their red food coloring under large color illustrations of intensely red-colored cakes, and included a free cake recipe with every purchase of a bottle of Adams Red Color. Adams’ ploy worked. The new, brilliantly-colored cake was a hit.

We’re sure that our Southern Red Velvet, the first in our Classic Cakes line, will be a “hit” for your special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, and showers.  We also hope this handcrafted cake inspires you to celebrate “the everyday” – because today can be just as special.

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