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The Story of The Glass Knife Apron

The pinafore. The hostess. The princess. The smock. The cobbler.  Regardless of its style or name over the years, the apron was ultimately borne of practical necessity:  Protecting your clothes from soiling.

While the kitchen apron has passed in and out of popularity over time, for many of us, it will always have a place in our hearts and the memories tied to it, whether that recollection is of a mother, father, grandparent (or perhaps even June Cleaver). Creating an apron special enough for The Glass Knife is a task we haven’t taken lightly.

To arrive at the perfect combination of form and function, we collaborated with Los Angeles-based apron entrepreneurs Hedley & Bennett, whose work is known for both its durability and fashion focus.   Our apron is made from soft, American-milled black cotton with contrasting blush pink straps.  The angled pockets are embellished with custom blush accents and The Glass Knife logo is embroidered with shimmering gold thread.

“It is our vision to bring a truly unique experience to Winter Park”, says owner and founder, Steve Brown. “For us, the attention to detail and the elements of place-setting, right down to what our team wears and the fascinating story behind it, is equally as important as the standout offerings we share with our guests”, said Brown.

We were excited to watch these kitchen apparel beauties be “Made in the USA” last week and anxiously await their debut at The Glass Knife this fall!

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