Our Lunchbox Sweet Treats

Snack Cake Favorites Return

For some of us, within all the flurry of getting ready for each new school year, we considered the most important late-summer decision to be choosing the right lunch box. It had to last all year, if not longer, and it was a personal billboard of our current interests.  And for us, what was inside was equally as important.

“What did you bring for lunch?” This is what lunchtime used to be about. A wait since morning and then a box which would surprise us with what mom or dad had packed up. They gave us the joy of sharing (yes, we did share!) and we had a wonderful time with our friends.

At The Glass Knife, it is all about having an enjoyable time with friends, so naturally we remembered what delighted us the most when opening these boxes: those tasty little snack cakes!

Welcome back to a decadent reboot of your lunchbox favorites. This nostalgic collection of house-made sweet treats by Chef Stuart, destined to delight and bring back fond memories, include:

Golden Snack Cake: Yellow sponge cake with velvety vanilla cream filling.

Chocolate Big Wheel: Moist chocolate cake filled with vanilla cream and coated in dark chocolate.

Oatmeal Cream Pie: Chewy oatmeal cookie with a fluffy, marshmallow cream filling.

So while those school lunch memories may be a bit of a blur, we all still crave those yummy little surprises. They’re no longer tucked away in the memories of your aluminum Peanuts, Charlie’s Angels, or Knight Rider lunchbox. They’re waiting for you every day at The Glass Knife.

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