The Glass Knife Signature Cakes

Proof That Art Is Delicious

There is no question that we love cake. We also love art. And today, we’re sharing how we will bring both to life every day at The Glass Knife: Our collection of Signature Cakes.

The exquisitely made cakes are hand-crafted by Chef Stuart and team to look amazing and taste divine.  These modern, patisserie-style desserts are known as “entremets” and include layers of mousse, cake and irresistible fillings. The result is a harmonious marriage of decadent flavors and surprising textures.

Our entremet offering will include three distinct flavor profiles – so there will be something for everyone!

Florida Citrus: Intricate layers of soft and airy yellow sponge cake, zesty orange marmalade, delicate orange blossom-scented pistachio dacquoise, and aromatic orange pâte de fruit enveloped in lush white chocolate mousse finished in a vibrant orange hue with a dusting of gold luster, white chocolate crisp pearls and an edible 23-karat gold-leafed orange slice.

Chocolate Truffle: Tiers of luxurious single origin dark chocolate mousse, silky dark chocolate ganache and smooth chocolate biscuit encased in a gleaming cocoa and gold luster glaçage, adorned with an opulent chocolate lotus flower and truffles.

Berries and Cream: Fluffy strawberry cake intertwined with bright raspberry pâte de fruit, zesty lemon curd and house-made strawberry jam veiled in a light vanilla bean white chocolate mousse and a vibrant, red-colored white chocolate glaçage topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, a chocolate curl and edible 23-karat gold leaf.

The texture, flavor, design and styling and the presentation of these classic French pastries – each one finished with our own unique, golden touch – will be a treat in itself. Trying one will be proof that art is indeed delicious!

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