Inspiring Orlando’s Coffee Scene

Our Partnership with Onyx Coffee Lab and Modbar Systems Delivers the Perfect Cup

Nothing goes better with dessert than the perfect cup of coffee. And many of us have our morning coffee stop that we just cannot live without. The Glass Knife has partnered with Onyx Coffee Lab and has installed Modbar’s unique brewing systems to take your daily coffee routine to the next level.

What sets Onyx Coffee apart is their “Farm to Cup” approach – from personally sourcing green coffee beans from sustainable farms, to small-batch roasting, blending and testing. Every step in their process is designed with the intent of crafting delicious and smooth coffee for you.

Across the country, industry professionals and coffee aficionados have taken note of Onyx’s unique methods and products.  Onyx team members were recently awarded No. 1 Roaster, No. 1 Brewer, and No. 2 Barista, at the U.S. Coffee Championships. Onyx’s champion brewer has traveled to Winter Park to personally train our team of talented baristas under the leadership of Coffee Program Manager, Brett Ware.

We’ve also removed the traditional barrier between our baristas and Guests, both literally and figuratively, with the installation of Modbar’s full suite of cutting-edge brewing systems – proudly “Made in the USA” in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The espresso, steam and pour-over modules work as self-contained “taps,” moving the large equipment under the counter.  The streamlined profile of the above-counter tap stands in stark contrast to the traditional bulky machines found on the countertops of most coffee shops and fosters organic, inviting and educational relationships between our baristas and our Guests by encouraging conversation and genuine engagement.

Coffee preference is very personal and we are excited to build relationships with our Guests as we take a lead role in Orlando’s burgeoning coffee scene. Our partnership with Onyx Coffee Lab and the installation of Modbar’s innovative systems allows our baristas to deliver a world-class product with a personal touch, enhancing the welcoming and familiar environment our Guests will find upon every visit to The Glass Knife. Come try it for yourself today, and say hello to your new coffee destination.

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