Colombia Carlos Diaz

Introducing our Exclusive, Single-origin Coffee

In July 2018, The Glass Knife team traveled along with our partners at Onyx Coffee Lab about 1,700 miles south to the eastern range of the Colombian Andes. This region is known for its long coffee growing tradition and ideal climate for producing specialty coffees. The goal: To personally embark on the unique journey of selecting a nano-plot of farmland from which The Glass Knife could source a signature coffee.

Today, we are proud to release Colombia Carlos Diaz – Lactic: a new single-origin, ethically-sourced coffee, named for the farmer who grows the beans on his farm in Cachipay, Colombia. We have partnered with Onyx Coffee Lab for the exclusive sourcing and distribution – meaning, you will not find this particular coffee anywhere else on earth.

In this coffee you will enjoy notes of strawberry, dark chocolate, dates and red apple in the cup, a truly unique tasting experience that coffee aficionados will recognize as exceptional. The coffee is well-rounded and provides an excellent pairing with any dish or sweet treat from our menu. It joins our existing, world-class coffee lineup as a pour over or expresso option.

While we are committed to being on the cutting edge of culinary and coffee trends, we wanted to go back to tradition when selecting the beans for our exclusive coffee. We wanted to learn about and nurture the direct and personal relationships with the coffee farmers themselves. We wanted to understand how coffee can be sustainably sourced.

Yet, last – and certainly not least – we wanted to find and source one of the world’s most unique coffees and share with our guests here in Central Florida. We believe it’s “The Best Coffee You’ve Never Tasted”.

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